Pillar of the IAS Resource Center, the Scientific and Technical Expertise Network (REST EEE) brings together more than 80 members, representing all stakeholders concerned by IAS (natural area managers, researchers,local authorities, NGO’s, state services, public institutions, etc.).

It relies on the members of the former IBMA woking group, extended to the terrestrial and marine environments of mainland France and overseas.

In particular, the REST is mobilized to identify needs, contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, develop tools and training, and support the implementation of public policies on EEE. Depending on the requests from the Ministry in charge of ecology or the AFB, it is required to provide technical support on certain subjects (research programs, management projects, species lists, regulatory acts, etc.).

The REST meets twice a year, with a two-day regional meeting and a one-day meeting at the AFB headquarters. Members exchange regularly through a mailing list.

12ème réunion du GT IBMA - Alain Dutartre

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