The leading committee monitors, advises and prioritizes the activities of the IAS resource center. It defines the multiannual action program to be implemented.

It is composed, for the OFB, of:

  • Aurélien Daloz, deputy chief of the resource center department;
  • Nicolas Poulet, Project Manager on Continental Aquatic Biodiversity;
  • Coraline Jabouin, Project Manager in charge of the “marine and coastal environments” resource center.

and for IUCN France, of:

  • Florian Kirchner, Species Program Manager;
  • Emmanuelle Sarat, IAS resource center coordinating officer;
  • Madeleine Freudenreich, IAS Project officer;
  • Clara Singh, IAS Project officer.

This steering committee is supported by Yohann Soubeyran (for the overseas IAS Initiative) and Alain Dutartre (independent expert).

Coraline Jabouin

Florian Kirchner

Yohann Soubeyran

Aurélien Daloz

Emmanuelle Sarat

Alain Dutartre

Nicolas Poulet

Madeleine Freudenreich

Clara Singh

The implementation and animation team of the IAS Resource Center (Emmanuelle Sarat, Madeleine Freudenreich and Clara Singh, supported by Nicolas Poulet, Coraline Jabouin and Alain Dutartre) implements the multi-year action program defined by the leading committee. It feeds the IAS resource center website, and, based on the identification of needs with the expertise network and the national network of stakeholders, produces the various tools and publications of the resource center.

To contact the implementation team:

  • Emmanuelle Sarat (coordination of the Resource Center)
  • Madeleine Freudenreich (animation of the scientific and technical expertise network; Resource Centre tools: newsletter, practical guide, website, etc.)
  • Clara Singh (Resource Center tools: feedback from management, practical guide, scientific files, links with overseas IAS Initiative)
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For any information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will come back to you as soon as possible. The IAS resource center implementation team.

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